Friday, June 16, 2006

Prayer Request!!

hey guys!!

I have an opportunity to go to Costa Rica on the 4th through the 15th of July! i am very excited about this!
I can give more details later as to what I will be doing. as of right now, the only thing that I know is that we will be doing a VBS during the day. And I think that I will be working with the youth in the church the rest of the time, talking with them and playing my guitar and singing!
Please keep me in your prayers about that.

But also the dreaded waiting for funds. I need $600 by Tuesday. i know God can do that!! but I would appreciate it if you would help me ask! :-)

I will try to keep you up dated........if anyone even reads this anymore. :S

Thanks for your prayers!!

Natalie y Hill

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dear Lord

Dear Lord,

There are things that only You can handle. Things that only You understand. Situations that only You orchestrate.
And when we go through times of uncertainty, confusion, doubt, fear, STRESS!!! it is only YOU that remains steadfast!! Unchanging!!

Who You are does not rely on what I'm currently surrounded by!!

I can not even come close to shaping in my own mind who I think You are based on my current situations, for they are always changing. Whether for good or for bad.

But You never change! You never fail! You always make the right choice! You make the right calls. You push at the right time, and You pull! Sometimes You bless, and sometimes You take away!!

But God, I want to praise You no matter what happens to me!! I want You to be glorified, even if it is at my expense!!

Natalie Y Hill