Thursday, April 20, 2006

Here's the song

This is a song that I have been working on for a couple of weeks! I just finished it yesterday!
It's not the greatest song ever. It doesn't have eloquent words, or a great tune, but it means a lot to me because I know that God gave it to me!
I was feeling pretty bad that day. I was discontent, unsatisfied in where I was. And I'll be honest as to what the main reason was. I was unsatisfied with being single. And I began to question God. " I desire these things but you do not give them to me!!"
I knew in my heart that this wasn't right! But my feelings at that point seemed to master over my heart!
Then God whispered " Natalie. The very thing that you want, you want because it reminds you of me. Nothing or nobody can satisfy you like I can! No one knows you like I do! And no one can stir you inside and touch you so intimately as I can! The things that you want in a relationship are just a copy! They're NOT the real deal! I AM the real deal! This is what your heart is really wanting!!"
I began to pray! I pushed my feelings aside and just let my heart cry! "God I want you to satisfy me! I want you to go to the places in my heart that feel empty and fill them ALL with you! Every desire that I have I want you to satisfy them in a way that NO ONE can!!"
I spent a lot of time in prayer, just letting my Father soothe me inside. And from that time in prayer came this song.

(temporarily removed)

Like I said, It's not the greatest, but God used it!! :-) And Maybe he will use it to help someone else like he helped me! I hope so!

Natalie Y Hill

Monday, April 17, 2006

I don't have a title

We are moving forward with selling the house. We are going to sell it to my cousin. If they get approved for the loan, then we will more than likely be moving by this summer.
This fact really blows me away! This is going to be a hard time for our family! I know good will come of it, but it will be difficult too. And we are already having problems with my dad's family!! They do not approve of this decision and are trying to guilt us into staying! But we know this is what God is wanting us to focus on. I guess I don't know if he really wants us to move, but I do know that he wants us to keep trying!

This week is going to be hectic as usual. Tomorrow I have to be at church at 6:30p to work with the girls that sing in the youth band. And then after the youth practice is over ( around 8:30-45 ) then I will have to practice for the college band!
Then back to the church wednesday at 5:30p. Then at 6:30 the youth starts. 8:30 Solomon's Porch starts.

I decided to stop there. I'm getting tired thinking about it! ha ha!!

We are going to get a car this week. Maybe tomorrow. I think we are going to Loving Toyota. But we have to see if my dad will get in early enough!! :-) Thank God!!! We need a new car sooooooo bad!!!

Oh, the college group went to Piney Woods Saturday!! It was wonderful!! We spent the WHOLE day there. It was AMAZING!!! We just played on the lake, in the pool, we played v-ball and B-ball. And that was all we did all day!! it was so relaxing!!! And we had a wonderful time!!!

Well, That's enough!! I guess I will stop here!! :-D

Natalie Y. Hill

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So I'm probably moving....

We have been praying about his for a while. But it seems that God is working it all out!

Until yesterday, it was just something that we were praying about. but we got a call yesterday from my cousin. Her and her husband had heard that we were thinking about moving. She said that they are interested in buying our house if we move!! that blew us away!! That was one of the things that was worrying us. We have to sell the house before we can buy a house. And God is already providing someone before we have even talked about putting it up for sell.
And it would be such a blessing to have it stay in the family!! ( I can't explain how important that is to my dad! )
But it appears that it is what God is wanting! There have been other things that have confirmed this!!
Don't worry...........We're moving to Hudson!! ha ha!!!

But I am excited to see what comes of this!! It is going to be very hard! I have lived here for 20 years. To leave now is going to be tough!!

Natalie Y. Hill

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Man the things that God does!

I must say that this past weekend was out of this world!! I have never been around a woman of God that was SO in tune with His Spirit!! God blew me away through Patti Foster!!
She was the speaker at the women's retreat that Jenn and I lead in music!
Oh that I could be like her now, and not wait until I am her age!! To have wisdom that is beyond my years!! ( James 1:5 ) Can it come so easy as to just ask!?!
God spoke to me and stirred my Spirit like nothing else!! He caused me to fall more in love with Him. He left me yearning for such an intimate relationship with him; to go deeper than I ever have before!! Oh I have much to learn, and have so much growing to do!!
But I know that God is going to take me deeper into Him!! It is my prayer and it is becoming all I think about!!
I feel weird telling this, but it is the truth.

Natalie Y. Hill