Monday, October 30, 2006

And It's Over

Well, the wedding is over and it went really well!! It was a really beautiful wedding! But I'm glad that it's over. ha ha!! And I have to admit....I did cry a little bit. Come on, it was my little sister!

So my sister is now married.......I have a brother in law! that's crazy! ( and a little unfair!) ha ha!!

We have been watching her stupid dog while they are on their honey moon. I think I am going to kill it!! It's so nasty!!! It is not house trained!! And it is so spoiled!! It cries when it doesn't get it's way!!! lol I mean just look at the's evil!!

Natalie Y Hill

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The two of us

So let me say that Stephen Jansen is so amazing!! :-) GOD is really blessing us and it is so incredible! And the greatest thing in the world is having the peace that we are doing exactly what God wants us to do!! I must say that I am enjoying this very much!! ha ha!

And we have committed to staying committed to God before anything else! Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. Then other times it's no problem.

We have made a commitment not to kiss until we get married! And let me say that it's not one of the easiest things that God has asked of us!! And it's definitely not the most fun! lol But the satisfaction that I feel in God makes up for it!!

I didn't mean to just talk about that..........O.K. yes I did!! ha ha! But he's just so awesome I can't help it!! ;-)

Natalie Y Hill

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh my Gosh...I'm an Aunt!

Kristen found out that she is having a little girl!! ha ha!!
I laugh only because she was convinced that it was a boy!! But now they have to pick out a girl name! lol

Something that is just not sinking in about this whole thing is that if she is having a baby, then that makes me an Aunt! That is so weird! But I think I will have fun with this! Now I can buy all these cute clothes for her!! And I can have fun playing with her and when I'm tired I can send her back to her mother!! ha ha ha!!
But this is going to make things really different! Well, everything will change Saturday!
You guys please pray that everything will work out smoothly!! Weddings are no fun until they start!! lol Until then, they're just one big stressful mess!!! ;-)

Natalie Y Hill

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

She's Growing Up

My little sister is about to get married!! How can this be.........when did she grow up!?! I never thought this day would come. I remember when we were younger and playing out side in our Grandpa's garden! ha ha! Yep, we got dirty! We would play out there for HOURS!! It was the greatest! We would play with our big Tonka trucks and make cities and roads. And getting lost in the jungle behind all those rows of corn was definitely a hit!! lol
And then there was the hotwheels!! heck yeah! O.K. we did play with Barbies sometimes........when it was raining. ;-)
But some how we have grown up, and with out even noticing!! She is going to get married this Saturday! It will be a very strange thing!
We have a lot of planning still to do. That's not going to be fun! But I know that everything will work out o.k.......I'm just going to keep my opinions to myself! lol

I hope you all are doing well?

Natalie Y Hill

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have been thinking a lot about this past year and everything that has happened! God has blessed me so much! He has blessed me tremendously in music. God has given me so many opportunities to sing and play that I never thought possible :-) And God has given me two opportunities this week to sing.
I am leading for the youth tonight, and on Saturday I am leading for a women's conference!! (I'm more nervous about the youth) lol But it is going to be fun!

God has also blessed me in a relationship with the greatest guy in the world!! It's amazing!! HE IS SO AWESOME! ;-)

Natalie Y Hill

Monday, October 02, 2006

Revival in Dibol

Yesterday was the first day of the revival at 1st Baptist in Dibol. Bro. John is preaching and Joel is leading the music! It was really hard during practice! The sound system wasn't working right at first and so we had a hard practice!! But that's what is so amazing!! We didn't get to go over all the songs, but when it was time to start everything worked fine!! It was so cool! God really moved in there last night! And God gave a word to pastor John and he spoke it and didn't hold back!! lol It was really awesome!! I am very excited to see what will happen to night!!
God has some plans for that little church in Dibol! If the people will humble themselves and receive what the Lord has for them. It will be good!!!

Natalie Y Hill