Sunday, May 14, 2006


O.K. Justin, I'm updating now!! lol

Well, I'm getting VERY excited about this Friday!! Oh my gosh!! I can't believe that our concert is only 5 days away!! I'm getting really anxious! And Friday night at the Relay for Life didn't help!! Jenn and I played there at 12am.
And let me say that that was the most awkward thing I have ever done in my life!! ha ha!! (Midnight Madness) They were doing Relay races behind us! And this one game they played, you know the one where you get a balloon and run to your chair and sit on it to pop it, WELL.........they decided to play that while Jenn and I were singing!! At first we thought that it was Chelsi's drums(she played with an electric set) but I finally noticed that it was the balloons that were making all those LOUD popping noises!! ha ha ha!!!
But we had a really fun time!! And we even had a guy from the Lufkin Daily kind of interview Jenn after we were through. He heard her put in a plug for our tour this summer so he was asking her about it!! That was funny!! :-)

So yeah, I'm excited about Friday!! I can't wait!! I don't know how many ppl will be there, but it could be a lot!! THAT makes me nervous!! But it will be fun!!

So, things are a little crazy right now! Ryan will no longer be doing the music for Solomon's Porch, so we will have to find someone to take his place!! JONATHAN MARTIN :-) is doing it this Wednesday!! I'm going to sing with him!! That should be fun!!

Anywho, That's all I've gots to say right now. lol I'm going to go watch What About Bob lol
I've only seen half of it so I need to finish it. It is hilarious!!

Talk to you later!!

Natalie y. Hill

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hey Guys!!

Hey Guys!!

Wow!! This past week was crazy!! Thursday morning Stephen and I left for Dallas at 9:00. We went to DBU for a while because he wanted to see some of his friends. (that was awesome because I got to see the campus!! :-) But from there we went to the ESL/EFL conference ( Preparing to teach conversational English ) Our church is sending I believe 2 teams this summer to Ukraine to set up a 2 week school for teaching conversational English. The conference went until Saturday. We left there at 11:00am and went straight to Brandon's where we immediately started recording!! :-) We recorded from 12 to 7:00 that night!! But I'm sure that Jenn was feeling it a lot more than Stephen and I. Her and Brandon had been working on it since 8:00am that morning, I believe is what she said!!! But the recording went really well!! And Brandon is awesome!! He worked like all day on it and then some the next day!!
Oh and guys..........Jennifer's song that she wrote was so incredible!!! It gave me chills when I listened to it!! She is amazing and I can't wait to sing with her this summer!! Stephen is awesome too!! He played percussion for us and it added so much to the sound!!

So yeah, the recording went really well and I'm so excited!! That was a lot of fun!!
Hey if you're interested in a cd ;-) just let me know!! :D
And you guys go and check out our website!! AND SIGN our guest book!! :D

Anyways, I have to go!! Hope you guys are doing O.K? Talk to you later!!

Natalie Y. Hill