Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm looking for an answer

I'm working at the church now part time. I didnt sign up for classes this semester....newly married and all....still trying to figure that one out ~:- But things are great!!

I had a question though that I can't find an answer to.......I've looked through God's word and the only thing that I can find is that God is going to kill this person. I know, it's harsh....but read Jer. 23 and 28 and you'll see what I mean!!

My question ( if anybody even reads this) is......if a person is known to be a ( now day) prophet and are known for receiving word from the Lord as a prophet and they get something terribly wrong.......are they a false prophet? Quite honestly, after reading Jer. I am just a little freaked out. Not by prophesy, but by the seriousness of it. I mean...we're not talking about a little encouragement from one brother to another.....we are talking about the SPOKEN WORD of GOD! And that's a very serious thing!! God killed prophets in the old testement that proclaimed in God's name but were wrong. Jeremiah 28 for example.

Comments would be appreciated.

Natalie Y Jansen

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