Friday, October 16, 2009


I know that God's Word is Truth. For He is God and cannot lie. So therefore, He cannot write or inspire a book that is full of lies. So when we read promises in His Word, and are trying to claim them and it's just not working out, why is it that we would assume that God doesn't keep His Word? That we cannot trust Him? We doubt His goodness.

I have been in John chapters 14, 15, & 16 for several months now. It is just loaded with promises straight from the mouth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are so many in chapter 14 alone that blows my mind.

The works I do, you will do also, even greater works (14:12)

Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do (14:13)

If you ask anything in My name, I will do it (14:14)

I will disclose Myself to you (14:21)

We will make our abode with you (14:23)

Whatever you wish will be done for you (15:7)

Whatever you ask for in My name, so the Father may give it to you (15:16)

If you ask anything in My name, He will give it to you (16:23)

Ask and you will receive, sot hat your joy may be made full (16:24)

There are times when I absolutely anguish over Scripture. When the Holy Spirit leads me into a passage and I wrestle with it over and over. To me I think the passage to be elementary. I should already know this. He leads me to common verses, if the Word of God can be common, and I realize it's depth. I read it, but yet do not have understanding. I see it, but just like these verses above, they do not "SEEM" to be right. I have asked the Lord for things I wish. Even unselfish things. I have asked that this person be healed. I have asked that my parents are able to sell their house so they can move closer. I have asked that the Lord give this person a job, or fix that or do this. In my limited knowledge it seems the most logical solution. So why would God not do it?

But yet, those promises are still there. And if I know that He does not and can not lie, then I am missing something.....and so began my journey.

After reading this over and over again, pleading with the Holy Spirit to teach me, He finally gave me a little hint.

One Sunday afternoon a couple of months ago, I had the most horrible head ache that I had had in a while. It was bad enough that i probably could have gone to the ER. But instead i retreated to my carport outside with my Bible in my lap, opened up to John

I don't know how many stories I have heard from people that were angry at God because they read something in the Bible and then it doesn't happen. Or they were told by a person in ministry leaders position that they were intitled to something, and they DID have enough faith, but it didn't happen. Example-

There is a man who's mother was sick. She was dying of cancer. Their pastor told them if they had enough faith, that she would be healed and would not need to have treatment. She died!

Now he is left wanting nothing to do with a god that is so mercifulless, and nothing to do with his people.

That is an extreme case I suppose

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