Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ft. Worth and Seminary Life

I hate going this long without updating. its overwhelming. :S But for the sake of looking back I will write.

  Our house sold! It was absolutely a work of God. The couple that I mentioned in the previous post was unable to get the financing for it. Very disappointing, but we knew God had something else in mind. Another lady contacted Misti and was interested in the house. Did a walk through and really liked it. She asked us to come down off the price by $8,500. We agreed with the understanding that it was "As is".  She asked to see it again the next day, and brought her Realtor's husband to look over the house (telling us that it was her friend). Well, they gave us a list a mile long of things they wanted us to do before she would buy it. It was a horrible experience. The Realtor was rude to Misti, and she insisted that we take care of the things they listed. I was so uncomfortable the whole time dealing with them. I just did not have peace in my heart about the whole thing. We finally agreed to do a few things on her list and began working on them. Now mind you, they had already given us their written word, and then went back on it. So now, they have to write a new offer. Well, the day the Realtor was to drop off the new offer at my house, I prayed and asked God to work all these details out. "We (Stephen and I)  don't have a clue what to do. You know that we are so uncomfortable with this. If this is not the right person for this house, then please intervene. We don't have any reason not to go forward with this unless you stop it. Please don't let anyone take advantage of us. We want this house to sell, but it is what You want that we desire more."
  Not even an hour later Misti calls and says that a family is interested in looking at the house. Since we did not have the written offer from the other lady yet, we decided to let them look at the house. They were coming around 6pm that evening. about lunch time I took a shower and was in my room, and I heard a lady in my house. She came down the hall and so I opened my door and it was a Realtor. She didn't know that I was home, and she came to show that family the house. They decided to come and see it early instead of 6pm without letting Misti know. (Scared me to death!)  I asked them to give me a few minutes and then left so they could look around. What I didn't know, was that the first Realtor that was dropping off the offer, showed up at the same time this family did (she was supposed to be there early that morning with the offer and called Misti several times saying that she was going to be late with it. Just couldn't get to our house.) . She got angry and didn't leave the offer. Called Misti and was very ugly to her.....
  During this time the family was looking at the house and loved it. They were willing to give us exactly what we were asking for it. Well, it's history now! They got the house! June 27th. And they were such a nice couple!
 We were just blown away at how God moved in this process. We had enough left over after paying off our house to pay off our car note as well, and still had several thousand left.
  We moved into Joel and Teresa's guest apartment (one room). Stephen applied to Southwestern and was accepted.
 On July 30th, at 8:50am, Stephen left with Joel to do some work at the
food pantry. 10 minutes later, as I was laying in bed, my water broke. I had no cell phone reception so I couldn't call him. I got our bags, added some last minute things to it, loaded it in the jeep, and drove myself to the hospital. I called Stephen as soon as I got to hwy 69. He was at the hospital when I got there. I was already at a 4 and quickly dilated. I wasn't feeling any pain yet.  Around 5pm they checked and I was at a 10. Pushed for almost 3 hrs but wouldn't come. His head had turned and so he got lodged. I had to have a C-section.  Jacob Paul Jansen was born at 8:20pm and weighed  8.1 lbs   What a joy it has been to be a mother. But, I do miss sleep. :)
  We moved 2 1/2 weeks later to our new home here in Ft. Worth. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. and it took a while to get adjusted. Jacob had colic really bad. ( I take that back...colic is the hardest thing I have ever been through) I had to put him on a lactose free formula. and 4 days later it was like a totally different child. He's been sleeping through the night since he was 7wks old. That is a gift from the Lord.

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