Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No longer a Teenager!

I am 20 years old today!! I am no longer a teenager!! This is a sad fact in it's self. I am through with that part of my life. Those seven years went by so fast. Looking back, it almost feels like I completely skipped those years. And yet, when I was in the misted of it, it seemed that it would never end!! :o) Time is a funny thing, and something that's hard to understand.

The last few days I have been reading back in my journals. I am amazed at the things that God has brought me through in just a few years. And how much I have learned. I've been through some rough times, but there has also been some really great times.
God has really changed my life in just the past year. And I didn't really think about it until the other night when Susie, Ashley Layton, Jonathan, Paula, Jared, and I were sitting in IHOP. :o) I don't remember who started this but we went around the table and (tried) to put into words how we had changed since last year. I had not thought about everything that I had been through until that point. ( I will spare you the details)
But God is so amazing! I think the biggest thing that I have learned coming out of this year was learning how to fight Spiritual battles. It's been a rough fight this year! (Ex 14:14) But God has taught me to stand strong on His TRUTH and not on feelings or circumstance.

Well, I think I have talked enough! :o) I have to leave now!! ( grr! I have to go to the dentist! And on my Birthday!!) Oh well!! :o)

Natalie Y. Hill


Susie Moore said...

Happy Birthday friend!

Jenn Conn said...

girly...you need to update!!!111 :D
miss ya'!!! SEe you on FRIIIIDAY!!! WOO HOO!