Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will it be me?

I just realized something. 2 years ago I was nervous about singing in church because so many people were watching me. Now I'm nervous because I have learned to ignore them. Sound funny? It's like this......
since God has moved me past being afriad to open my mouth, now I can focus completely on worshiping God. Sometimes I can feel my body lose control and the Holy Spirit begin to take over. I fell this strong desire to dance.....but I stop it because I know what some people will say...I have got to say that when that desire hits me, that is the hardest thing in the world to stop!! ....I guess I feel like I should act "Dignified" since I'm on stage. I almost feel this duty to act "right" since I'm in front. But I see the congregation with thier blank stares and motionless posture as they sing to our King. I don't understand that!
Will it only take one person losing control to free everyone else?
Who will be that person?

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brittany said...

Do you truly believe "I'll become even more undignified than this, though some may say it's foolishness"? Not that I'm where you're at (singing on stage and being a leader) however we all have our obedience tests that call us to go against the grain in front of those whom we respect, or fear. I've been going through that this past week, and it IS hard. I don't know how I've "scored" in this test. lol
Sometimes, you just gotta dance. I have felt that way too in church before. Sometimes I just want to twirl around and raise my hands in the air. When those times happen, I usually don't because no one else is. Not that you should next Sunday try really hard to make sure that your time of worship leads to a desire of dancing, because then your motives aren't to worship the Lord. However, if you find yourself in the situation you described, maybe you could slowly start to let out what's inside of you, a step at a time. Or...just go for the gold! lol
If your desire is to respect other's time of worship, I'd say to slowly integrate your dancin' desire. If your goal is to let it all out, then why not try?