Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm 22 today. Crazy. It doesn’t feel like my birthday. So I'm is it supposed to feel? Happy? Excited? Joyous? A deep sense of self worth? It's your birthday! Everyone's there for you!! It's all about YOU!
Growing up, my mom always made a big deal of our birthdays. We would get to pick out all 3 meals for that day, including the snacks that we wanted. And labor was no object. The cake was our choice too with your favorite ice cream. And the party! Everyone is there just for you lavishing their gifts on you like you are some kind of royalty. (Do not come into my presence with empty hands! How dare you! Throw him out!) And EVERYONE told you Happy Birthday! Completely you centered!! And lets mention the presents again!!!
That is the best thing you can do to a kid to set them up for disappointment! When you grow up, still in the back of your head you have those expectations.........butnothing! You're lucky if 2 people remember that it's your birthday!! I think how you celebrated birthdays growing up will determine how disappointing they are when you grow up!
No Cake, no ice cream, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Natalie Y Jansen

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Jimmy Williams said...

Happy Birthday Chump!