Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Stephen and I are going to the One Thing conference in Kansas City. I am soooo excited! We need this really bad!! And I am really excited that there will be snow! (Watch it melt now)

We are trying to leave on the 27th if I can get someone to fill in for me at work. We have to be there by Friday morning.....we hope to leave on Thursday.

4 days completely focusing on God! How awesome!! I can not even describe how much I am looking forward to this!! Stephen has been to this conference a few times and has told me all about it! One thing that is really cool is that they pray as the new year comes in. For the nation, our leaders! Incredible! Thousands of people coming together to seek God and His desires! Wow. Bring it on.

Stephen's birthday is this Friday. 26 I'm getting a party together for him on Saturday. It's hard to do things in December because everyone is so busy. My birthday is on the 20th so thats even worse. :-)

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