Wednesday, February 27, 2008


With the limited knowledge that I have of the gifts of the Spirit, I really feel like I have the gift of discernment. I can see things that most Christians can not. Sometimes I have seen, heard, and felt things that I did not want to. But in those times it is most crucial that I pray!

I know that God wanted Stephen and me together. He made darn sure that it happened!!
I knew that if God wanted us together that He had a plan for us to work together for His Kingdom............the coolest thing January it was so awesome to see both of our gifts working together! We were in KC for the One Thing conference. We stayed at a hotel for a few days while we were there. A man, who's name in English in Justin....there's no way I could spell his real name... who worked the night shift. It was always after 12 every night before we got back to the hotel from the conference.
The 1st night we got back to the hotel, Justin saw us out of the front lobby window and called us in...I was a little nervous...I thought we had done something wrong. We followed him to the front desk where he picked up this large box that had all kinds of pasteries from that morning's breakfast. "Take", he said in his broken English. Stephen of course jumped right in while I had to explain to Justin that I couldn't have it. Then he asked me if I was Indian. I told him that I have Native American indian....but not from India. I asked him if he was from India and he said yes. That my friend, opened a door to start talking with him. Stephen got to tell him that he had been to India before.....that made Justin very excited and he began to share his story with us of how he and his wife came from India to America. He is 70 something years old. They have been living in America for 7 years I think.
We talked for a little while and then Steve and I went to our room. We got a knock on the door. Justin invited us to come have tea in his room the next morning and meet his wife!! We couldn't believe it!! While we were talking to this man in the Lobby, we learned that he was Hindu...and now we were being invited to his house (room)! Stephen and I of course said yes, but we were so nervous! We started praying for him and for the situation.
Next morning we go to his room, meet his wife, and have an Indian breakfast.....which is very spicy stuff, but good....for the most part. ;-) We get to share the gospel with him and just get to know him a little bit. He did not agree that Jesus was the only way to get to heaven. He believed that our God, and all the others were the same God......he didn't like it when we told him that Jesus said that HE was the Only way to the Father. Crazy thing, he's reading the Bible.....he searching.
That afternoon at the conference I felt a strong urge to pray for him to be saved. When I opened my mouth to start praying the Holy Spirit took over and I went into deep intercessory prayer for that man.

Now I have already said that I have the gift of discernment, Stephen I believe has the gift of evangelism....this is how they worked together.
We went into the lobby to see him and immediately I felt this strong demonic presence. We had obviously stirred something up...I guess we were moving in on their territory. It was really bad! I felt them taunting us! I felt this anger rise up inside me, then I began to pray under my breath. Just loud enough for them to hear me.....the whole time Stephen is talking with this man and answering his questions.....Justin began to talk about witch craft and different practices that he and his wife did. Every time he opened his mouth that evil presence began to rumble. The whole time, I am praying for Justin, for Stephen and that God would get rid of those spirits! The cool thing, everytime Stephen would open his mouth to speak it's like they would back for cover!! They had nothing to fight him with.
Did Stephen feel all this going on? No. God gifted me to be able to feel these things so that I could be praying. I guess in terms of battle, I am the diversion so that Stephen could get in there and fight where it matters!!
It's so awesome how God has gifted each one of us with different gifts and how they all work together.


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