Friday, February 24, 2006

The Attacks Keep Coming With No Sign of Relief!

I'm going to tell you something that has to do with an on going joke that has been going on for a while about our family. :-) It has to do with our vehicle situation.

But this is no longer funny. I realize now that it is a direct attack on our family from the enemy.
This morning my mom drove the van, that we are borrowing, to pick up one of Sarah's friends. When she started the van to leave their house, it wouldn't start. It is still sitting in their drive.

I have really been thinking about this for a while.
Our family is so involved in our church, with so many different ministries. And we depend on our vehicles so much, because we live so far away. When our car broke down a few months ago, it was so hard for all five of us to fit in that little truck. And a lot of times, someone would stay home because we didn't want to ride in the truck like that.
Then we got the van. It looked like crap, but it got us where we needed to go comfortably. Now, we're back to having one truck again. The enemy has tried everything they can to keep us from going to that church, since we first joined. And let me tell you, they came close a few times to winning.
This is very discouraging. And this is costing us so much money.

But at least I am aware of the attack. It's just one thing after another! Please pray for our family if you think about it! Our family has been undergoing some tough Spiritual warfare for a while now, and not just with the vehicles. We're getting tired. We need relief.

Natalie Y. Hill

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Jenn Conn said...

hey Nat-yeah, i'll be praying for you you