Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm so bored I'm getting a head ache!!

I have not been this bored in a long time!! My mom and Dad, and Kristen are sick. Sarah is getting that way!! And they are all asleep right now, 2 O' clock in the afternoon. So what does that mean for Natalie? It means no music, that's what it means!! And I can't got outside because it is so nasty. It's cold and wet!! And I am at the point now that I don't even know what I would want to do if I could do anything!! I wouldn't mind going into town, but I don't want to get ready! I need help! now my head hurts!
So now that I'm through wining, let me tell you what happened Saturday!

O.K. Kristen and I were on our way to Lufkin, right? Well, we got 5 miles, maybe, from our house and this stupid buzzard flies up from nowhere right into the middle of our truck! It would have hit directly in the middle except for the fact that Kristen tried to dodge it. Well, as she was swerving to miss it, the retarded bird, in a last attempted to save himself, flew up over the hood of the truck and smashed right into the wind shield in front of me, who was sitting on the passenger side. The dumb thing broke the glass on that side to where I could no longer see out. And it broke bad enough that the inside layer of the glass broke and sprayed ALL OVER ME!!! It even hit my face!! I am very thankful though. I didn't get cut. But it did poke me, because it was all over my clothes and in my hair, and there was even a piece of glass on my face very close to my left eye.
Kristen on the other hand didn't have any problems att all, except for the nagging realization that she had just smashed our dad's wind shield, in the truck that he has to work in! But, that's not to bad, right?
So we now have NO car that is drivable! But we do have this really ugly van that my dad's boss let us borrow. :P

Natalie Y. Hill


Worthy Sinner said...

I am sorry but I laughed again. It is just the way you tell it. But I am sorry that it happened to you. Sarah J.

Worthy Sinner said...

Oh and I am sorry that you are or were bored. I wasn't bored, just tired today at work. Sarah J.

Edwin said...

ok...first of all...i think you are the one that said "I get bored w/ my surroundings", so i think you get bored alot! HA!

and second, sorry about the car thing; that bird must of been "high"! lol

get it "high" know..."high"....yeah...not funny... :( but I tired

Jenn Conn said...

ok...i think i've found out why i laugh so hard at this's the word "buzzard".. i mean..c'mon, that's afunny word!!!!

i got a new blog "JUST FOR YOU" (ha)