Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So I got my retainer today. Now my gums are sore. Hate the thing already!! And I had to wait in the waiting room for a whole hour, just to have him stick it in my mouth and say, " Alright, you can go!" ( grrr ) That was great.

MY PHONE IS BLIND!! This is a very sad fact indeed.
Let me explain. While I was on my way this morning to pick up the retainer, that I hate already, this idiot stopped right in front of me!! So I threw on the brakes! I "HAD" a big glass of water in between the seats beside me. It was now all over the floor. The lid had popped off and so it spilt Everywhere> My phone, that "WAS" on the seat next to me, was now in the floor floating in the swimming pool!! Because I had to keep an eye on the moron in front of me, I couldn't rescue my poor little phone right away. So it sat and soaked up some water for a little while. That was great. At first it seemed fine, but then the screen started doing weird things. Now, it can't see!! I know that it's on because of the light on the side. So I'm going to have to take it to the Doctor. the bad thing being,........I don't have doctor insurance. Bummer.


Edwin said...

sorry about the retainer

and about the phone

but i think you should either A) go the speed limit or below or B) don't drive anymore! call a cab! :P

Susie Moore said...

lol that was a hilarious post... poor little phone...