Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just Writing

So I'm really not sure what to write. I thought that I would just go for it and see what comes. :-)

I'm really excited about this Sunday. The band will be doing " The Revelation Song". I'm not sure if I will be singing on that one because I am going to do sign language. It's pretty cool what God is doing in our church. He put it on Teresa Wier's heart to do this song with sign language. It's going to be incredible. There will be around 20 of us that will do it. And it is going to look so cool!! And that is such an awesome song and has God's anointing on it!

Speaking of Teresa. She is so awesome! I look up to her so much. She has such a sweet Spirit about her. And I really respect her a lot. And she is a godly mother and wife. AND!!!.............she has the most amazing voice!! I love when I can sing with her on Sundays!! Because I know that she means what she is singing. She really worships God!! She encourages me so much!!.......but I don't think she even knows it! Maybe I should tell her! :o)


Larry, Donna, Stephen, and Shelley Jansen, and Jennifer conn - ( by the way.....that girl can SANG!!!!!) - Anyways, they came over Saturday night. We built a fire outside and sat around it! It was fun. Jenn and I played our guitars and sang!! I love singing with her!!! :-)

Well, I think I'm going to stop there before it gets to long. ;-)

Natalie Y. Hill

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