Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So I'm probably moving....

We have been praying about his for a while. But it seems that God is working it all out!

Until yesterday, it was just something that we were praying about. but we got a call yesterday from my cousin. Her and her husband had heard that we were thinking about moving. She said that they are interested in buying our house if we move!! that blew us away!! That was one of the things that was worrying us. We have to sell the house before we can buy a house. And God is already providing someone before we have even talked about putting it up for sell.
And it would be such a blessing to have it stay in the family!! ( I can't explain how important that is to my dad! )
But it appears that it is what God is wanting! There have been other things that have confirmed this!!
Don't worry...........We're moving to Hudson!! ha ha!!!

But I am excited to see what comes of this!! It is going to be very hard! I have lived here for 20 years. To leave now is going to be tough!!

Natalie Y. Hill

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