Monday, April 17, 2006

I don't have a title

We are moving forward with selling the house. We are going to sell it to my cousin. If they get approved for the loan, then we will more than likely be moving by this summer.
This fact really blows me away! This is going to be a hard time for our family! I know good will come of it, but it will be difficult too. And we are already having problems with my dad's family!! They do not approve of this decision and are trying to guilt us into staying! But we know this is what God is wanting us to focus on. I guess I don't know if he really wants us to move, but I do know that he wants us to keep trying!

This week is going to be hectic as usual. Tomorrow I have to be at church at 6:30p to work with the girls that sing in the youth band. And then after the youth practice is over ( around 8:30-45 ) then I will have to practice for the college band!
Then back to the church wednesday at 5:30p. Then at 6:30 the youth starts. 8:30 Solomon's Porch starts.

I decided to stop there. I'm getting tired thinking about it! ha ha!!

We are going to get a car this week. Maybe tomorrow. I think we are going to Loving Toyota. But we have to see if my dad will get in early enough!! :-) Thank God!!! We need a new car sooooooo bad!!!

Oh, the college group went to Piney Woods Saturday!! It was wonderful!! We spent the WHOLE day there. It was AMAZING!!! We just played on the lake, in the pool, we played v-ball and B-ball. And that was all we did all day!! it was so relaxing!!! And we had a wonderful time!!!

Well, That's enough!! I guess I will stop here!! :-D

Natalie Y. Hill

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Justin said...

Enjoyed playing with you and the team this evening. Looking forward to playing some with Jonathan, Jenn, and you. Have a great week, and I hope all works out with the house. I know how family can be sometimes.