Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving plans

Tomorrow I am going with my family to see my mom's sister and her family! Nick and Kristen are going with us! And Stephen is going too! We will be leaving tomorrow morning around 8:30am and heading to Houston. We will spend the day there and then head back that afternoon. Then me and Stephen are going to spend time with his mom's family that night!! It will be a full day but it will be fun! And there will be plenty of good food!! My Aunt is a great cook! (isn't that what thanksgiving is about?? I think, NOT!!! )
I think it is really sad that I never think of being thankful until the day that I am [supposed] to be thankful...Or the week of. But I have to admit that I have failed in being thankful the rest of the time. I get so distracted by the things that are not working the way I want them to, and in doing so I become ungrateful and complain! I don't understand why God puts up with me!?? (Grace, grace, God's grace!)

I hope you guys have a wonderful thanksgiving!!

Natalie Y Hill

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