Monday, November 13, 2006

Things To Come

I wonder sometimes what God will have me doing in the future. O.K. I think about it all the time! There are things that I would love to do!

I have thought for a long time that God would eventually ask me to go to some country and live there! But that confused me. I have never had a desire to live somewhere else. BUT, I did have a very strong desire to travel and see different people and share the gospel! But not to one people group!
I want to go everywhere! I don't know what that will mean or what God will have me doing!
I'm getting impatient. Because when I look ahead at what I think I need to do to get ready for that it can be overwhelming! I'm just ready for things to get going!! ha ha!
I'm trying to focus on the now....but that's really hard to do when I'm wanting the later so bad! :-)

*Pictures from Costa Rica

Natalie Y Hill


Heather Nolan said...

These pictures remind me of my trip to Nicaragua and the time I spent with the kids there. I understand what you mean about waiting for what God has in our futures. It's hard sometimes, but you are right- we need to focus on where He has us in the here and now.

quirky said...

yep yep. also, on the topic of missions and god's plans for our lives - you misspelled my name on the link to my blog. :-P yes, thank you. may god bless your trip to the blogger template and your purchase of the vowel "a". have a great day!!!

Heather Nolan said...

Jordan, you and your corrections!!! I suppose I can cut you some slack for this one, being it is your name (and that is slightly important). What does missions and God's plans for our lives have to do with wheel of fortune?
I hate that show, by the way. Just in case any of you ever wanted to know...