Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Healthy Choices

  I've decided to eat healthier. This is week 2 and so far so good. :) Sunday was an exception because we went out with friends who picked a place that I think even fries their sweet tea! j/k
  I really don't mind eating healthy, in fact I enjoy a lot of vegetables and fruit. It is just always more convenient to grab some greasy potato chips when I need a snack. And since I do not buy healthy choices, of course I will default to MSG laden chips with a Pepsi (I love that carbonation and corn syrup).
  But, to the despair of my husband, I am no longer buying those things. Instead, we now have yummy alternatives. Such as fresh veggies to make a wonderful salad! I also really enjoy making a fresh smoothie of fruit and yogurt to go with my scrambled eggs for breakfast(need the protein). String cheese and crackers make a great snack! And homemade salsa is incredible with ANY meal(I make mine very spicy)! I am also trying to cook more fresh veggies as opposed to buying the cans. It most definitely takes more time to prepare for dinner, but it not only is better for you, it tastes better!  
 I really need to lose this left over pregnancy fat. I have 25lbs to go.  I've hit a plateau. I am unable to exercise with little J now that it is getting cold out. And I am unable to after Steve is back home because it's dark. I'm contemplating going for a jog when Steve's home for his lunch break, but I really enjoy the adult interaction. J's down for a nap at that time so he wouldn't have to watch him, but that's a good time for us to be together without our mocking bird(he's now making bird noises very loudly). Not sure yet.
  I'm also going to bed earlier. I have had sleep problems off and on all my life. But after the pregnancy it is worse than ever. I'm trying to get myself on a schedule to see if this helps. It's nice to have J sleeping through the night, but doesn't help me much when I can't sleep.

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