Monday, October 30, 2006

And It's Over

Well, the wedding is over and it went really well!! It was a really beautiful wedding! But I'm glad that it's over. ha ha!! And I have to admit....I did cry a little bit. Come on, it was my little sister!

So my sister is now married.......I have a brother in law! that's crazy! ( and a little unfair!) ha ha!!

We have been watching her stupid dog while they are on their honey moon. I think I am going to kill it!! It's so nasty!!! It is not house trained!! And it is so spoiled!! It cries when it doesn't get it's way!!! lol I mean just look at the's evil!!

Natalie Y Hill


Heather Nolan said...

I agree- the creature looks most foul. Are you sure it's a dog? It looks more like a rodent of sorts- yes, an evil ratdog. ha ha Did I ever tell you about the time I ran over the taco bell dog? Well, I did- if you don't see him on tv anymore it's cuz I killed him. I could be useful in your situation as well. Just give me a call if things get unbearable. I have ratdog-ellimination experience!

quirky said...

hello there. evil dogs are a dreadful thing indeed. i should tell you some time about the way my friend mr rassmussen killed a dog... he killed it good, and covered his tracks too.

Justin said...

All this talk of killing dog's is scaring Larry!!!

Natalie said...

Yeah, but Larry is a real dog!! That thing ISN'T a dog!!