Tuesday, October 24, 2006

She's Growing Up

My little sister is about to get married!! How can this be.........when did she grow up!?! I never thought this day would come. I remember when we were younger and playing out side in our Grandpa's garden! ha ha! Yep, we got dirty! We would play out there for HOURS!! It was the greatest! We would play with our big Tonka trucks and make cities and roads. And getting lost in the jungle behind all those rows of corn was definitely a hit!! lol
And then there was the hotwheels!! heck yeah! O.K. we did play with Barbies sometimes........when it was raining. ;-)
But some how we have grown up, and with out even noticing!! She is going to get married this Saturday! It will be a very strange thing!
We have a lot of planning still to do. That's not going to be fun! But I know that everything will work out o.k.......I'm just going to keep my opinions to myself! lol

I hope you all are doing well?

Natalie Y Hill

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