Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh my Gosh...I'm an Aunt!

Kristen found out that she is having a little girl!! ha ha!!
I laugh only because she was convinced that it was a boy!! But now they have to pick out a girl name! lol

Something that is just not sinking in about this whole thing is that if she is having a baby, then that makes me an Aunt! That is so weird! But I think I will have fun with this! Now I can buy all these cute clothes for her!! And I can have fun playing with her and when I'm tired I can send her back to her mother!! ha ha ha!!
But this is going to make things really different! Well, everything will change Saturday!
You guys please pray that everything will work out smoothly!! Weddings are no fun until they start!! lol Until then, they're just one big stressful mess!!! ;-)

Natalie Y Hill

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Heather Nolan said...

Hey, Natalie! You and Stephen look so great together in that picture.;) Yup, being an Aunt will be great fun. I sometimes feel more like an aunt to Izzy than a sister with 18 years between us! Talk to you later. Love ya!