Thursday, October 06, 2005

I feel better today. Yesterday I wasn't doing to well.
I've had to make some decisions as of late that I didn't want to. :( Because those decisions could have hurt other people. It is so hard to follow God when it means making a choice that will hurt others. And there are so many questions that come to mind.......questions of doubt.
When God tells you something so clear and so LOUD that you feel like everyone in the room can hear it, you wouldn't think there would be any doubt. But yeah, there is. That's just how weak my poor little mind is. But, you just have to trust that God knows what He's doing. Because He does.
But making those decisions makes it seem like you care more about God than you do.....them.
Wait!.......I do! I do care more about God than I do them. But I do care about them. I proved that by following God. If I didn't follow God that would mean that I didn't love Him. And if I don't love Him........then I really couldn't care about them, could I?


Jenn Conn said...

Hey! it's good to hear you're doing better today.
i've tried to call you today...we need to talk...give me a ringy dingy
love you lots! can't wait to see you!

Danielle said...

makes sense to me