Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wow, I didn't think I would ever be able to get back on here. Kristen messed our computer up( O.K. she was on it when the computer crashed) We have to buy a new hard drive now. That really sucks!

Oh my gosh!!! ( I'm changing the subject by the way! haha ) I am so excited!! Joel Wier asked me to sing with them when he does his next Friday night worship service!! Yay!!! That is so awesome!! But, I am so sick!! I know there's not as many ppl as there is on Sundays........I think the worship center's intimidating. :o) Laugh if you want!......it's a lot bigger than the student center, O.K. But I don't think that's the real reason. I mean big crowds and big buildings are not that bad!! ha ha. It's just I deal with the whole crap of not being good enough. And everyone loves Joel. They put him way up there. I feel like they would be looking at me wanting to know why I'm even up there.
But, it doesn't really matter. Because I love to sing, and I especially love to sing to God. He doesn't criticize. :o) And that was what I was made for. To bring glory to Him. And one way I do that is by singing to and about Him. So that is what I will do. Always!
well, i guess I'm through. lol



Edwin said...

wait...did nat just blog?? lol You'll blow them away! I promise.

Susie Moore said...

thats awesome natalie you have the most amazing voice... i cant wait!

Jimmy Williams said...


You are gonna rock the house down! Sing to HIM! I am excited that you get to sing with Joel, you obviously have a good voice, or Joel(master musician HA) would not have asked you! Rock on!!!! (I am bringing that word back cause its just cool) Cant wait to hear you!!!

Jenn Conn said...

i am sad to say that i will not be able to attend to have the pleasure of hearing your wonderful voice. I am deeply saddened. :(

You have such a beautiful voice. I love hearing you sing. If i could think of what an angel sounded like (even though angels aren't female), and angels sounded like women, you would most definatly sound like one! :o).

I miss you, and can't wait to see you...hopefully i'll be coming in on the 28th, and we definatly need to get together and talk, sing, talk more...cry a little..haha...(inside joke)...and have wonderful times.
love you tons.

Jason Fullen said...

first student center
next worship center
then angelina college
then belmont university
then juliard
then carnegie hall!

I can't wait!

But I will have to- I live in Maryland now!

Rach and I miss you! (and your voice!)