Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So yeah, my car broke down last night.

So yeah, my car broke down last night!
It was great. It broke down at like 9:30p and I called my dad. But, because they were on the internet, I got voice mail. And he didn't have his cell phone on. So that was great!! I had to wait at a friends house until 10:45p when my mom finally called. Dad was in the shower, so I waited some more. My mom and dad finally got there at like 12:00a. It was 1:30a before we got back home.
So I don't have a car right now. And probably won't for a long time. It's so great. But oh well. I love staying at my house. :P

Oh and by the way, I didn't have to serve on the jury. They did exactly what I thought that they would. I stayed at the court house for 4 1/2 hours just to have them tell me that I could go home! But, I was very much relieved. It was a child custody case, among other things that go along with a divorse. It would have been rough. The child was only year and a half old. : (
I was glad they didn't pick me..........I didn't think either parent should have got the child!!!

Jenn........what is this secret that you're talking about?!! Don't do that to me!!!

That's it for now I guess. So.......anyone have a extra car they're not using!!? : )

Natalie Y. Hill


Natalie said...

Hey Danielle!? Where's your blog girl!!? I keep going to your profile but your blog isn't there. *sad face*

Danielle said...

Natalie. That is really weird. I can't find it either. I will try to figure out why it isn't showing up. I have probably messed with my template so much it doesn't work anymore. In the

Danielle said...

Hey, I fixed it. Thanks for telling me about it. You should blog more often.

Jenn Conn said...

hmm...secret???? did i say i had a secret to tell you?? heheheheheheh