Monday, October 17, 2005

O.K. it is way to early in the morning for me!! (7:50 a) The screen is blurry. :)

Just wanted to let you know what I'm doing today. I have Jury duty!!!!! grrr!
I can't believe this. God, I hope! Please don't let them choose me!!
I'm really hoping that I will only have to be up there for a few hours just to have them tell me they Don't need me!! But......that won't happen! You know why?.....because I don't have a jod, I don't have a family,( I'm all alone!! :'( ,and I'm not in school. But, oh well.

O.K. I have to go. I leave in 15 minutes! Bye for now!

Natalie Y. Hill


Susie Moore said...

wow jury duty... have fun lol

Jenn Conn said...

jury duty?! that's so random!
girl..I MISS YOU!

I HAVE A SECRET!!!! (smile smile smile)