Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Random Thoughts

Well, I feel a lot better today. I've been sick since Sunday night. I guess it was a cold. I sure felt really bad! Now I have a nagging cough!

Brittany and I are leading a Bible study for middle school girls on Sunday nights at five. We're doing the study by Elizabeth George, "A Young Woman After God's Own Heart". Sunday was the second time we met. It was really great!! I'm very excided about this group. The only thing that I've noticed is that there seems to be a little animosity between the Pom Squad and the cheer leaders. :o) To much drama for me!!

Hey Jonathan, I'm coming to Nashville!!! Don't worry. I'm not leaving Edwin out! I already told him! :P ha ha!
My dad made the decision to go there for our vacation, Finally! So we will be leaving next Saturday on the 5th.
(He said at daylight. yuck!)

Hey Susie!! Thanks for that verse! Habakkuk 2:3 :o)

Our college group at church is meeting at 6:30pm to go bowling Friday night. We're going out to eat afterwards and then all of the girls are going back to Angie's house to spend the night. The guys are going to Don Wayne's.
You college students that aren't that far away should come in this weekend and join us!!

And by the way Jenn, I'm still waiting to hear that "secret" that you said that you had! I'm listening!!

Still no news on the car! My uncle still hasn't diagnosed it yet. We're waiting for him to tell us about the car. So we have to continue to share ONE vehicle between 5 people. This is getting ridiculous!

Well, that's enough for now with the Random Thoughts! :o)
Until next time....

Natalie Y. Hill


Susie Moore said...

Hey Natalie!

Jenn Conn said...

hey girl...still not sure if i can come in on fri.night...i just don't know...$$$$...
talk to you later !

Edwin said...

can't wait to see you Nat

Have a you mind if I call you that...and am I the only one that calls you that??? :S

Jenn Conn said...

nOPE! i call'er that too!!!! :)
love ya' girl, and can't wait to see ya' tonight!! woo hoo!!! (*as she smiles VERY big!**)