Thursday, August 24, 2006

AC This Spring

So I'm thinking about starting at AC in the spring. I don't really want to. I have not felt in the past that it was the right time. But now...I'm not feeling ANYTHING!! God is not giving me a definite answer. But I have decided that I am just going to move forward with it and if it doesn't happen, I am no worse off.
God has not told me that "Yes, i want you to start at AC this spring" but he has told me that he wants me to move towards that..........even if it doesn't work out! So that makes me feel like I will start...but he didn't say that I will..... just that I need to try! grrr..............this is going to be interesting!!

So let me say again that I am sooooooo glad that Stephen and I are dating!! :-) And I don't mean to sound like a little school girl.......but If I do, I'm not apologizing!! ha ha!! He's so awesome!! But I think what I love about him most is his relationship with God. Because he is so sensitive to the Spirit. God speaks to him and shows him things. But he is so humble!!
We have been dating 5 weeks today. ( and yes, I actually remembered that!! I'm so proud of myself!!)

Natalie Y Hill

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