Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why the last minute!?!

It's really hard to sit and wait!! In fact, it is horrible. The surveyor that is surveying our land for the people buying it was here early this morning. But he didn't have the deed to the land so he couldn't do anything. So he left to go to the court house to find it. But it's already 3:20p and he's still not back.
Time is dwindling down. We are supposed to close everything Thursday. If the land isn't in the peoples name by Thursday, then ALL the contracts are terminated!!

We truly believe that God is wanting us to move, so I have to trust that God's working it out. Because we have done everything that we were required to do. We have been obedient on our end!! So now we must wait. I am going to repeat something I said in a previous blog..........
" 'I think God waits sometimes to the last minute to answer a prayer for "Dramatic Affect'! " He totally believes in Him self!! lol He knows He won't fail!! But those times when he waits to the last minute sure stretches your faith!! But he does it to make Himself look good!! And it always does!! He loves making himself look good..........AND He's so GOOD at it!!!
So what ever happens, he's going to look good.............because he can't look bad!! lol
I'll keep posting what's going on!!

Natalie Y Hill

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