Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A new look

Thought I would change up my blog!! I think it was time for a change!!

Crazy stuff with our house.........

An appraiser just came out to look at our house. Everything falls on what she thought about it. If she says that the house isn't worth what we are asking, then everything is going to fall through. But if the house is worth more than we are asking ( and I think that it is) then everything will go on as planned.
If it doesn't it will mess up everything..........for the people that are buying our house, and for the people that we are buying from. EVERYTHING is riding on them buying ours. I'm a little nervous about this. But God has done everything with this whole process, so what ever happens I am going to trust Him. :-)

Kristen is getting married in 2 months. I can't believe that. She's not supposed to get married before me!!! jk no it's not a joke!! yes it is, no it's not!! lol
But things are really crazy right now. We are getting ready for the wedding and worrying about moving. Perfect timing. :-P
She's also about to have a baby. Well, I say about to, but it's not coming until March. So things will really get crazy then.
I'm really tired by the way.........

I'm really excited about the things that God is doing in our college ministry!!
God told me and showed me a few weeks ago that his desire for our college ministry is for us to be like the first church, specifically like the Acts church. God has made that very clear that that is His desire! And we are at the beginning stages..........He is already moving in that direction. I think that some of the things that have been happening is kinda scaring people! ha ha ha!!! Because it's been some 'non-baptist' things! lol God has really been stretching us and pulling us farther than we have gone before. AND IT'S AMAZING!! And I truly believe that it is going to spread to the rest of HHBC! It is already slowly seeping in!! lol But we must pray for boldness, that we will not stop doing what God is asking us to do just because ppl think that it's a little weird,...." we've never done that before". And that we will not be passive!! I know we will encounter resistance when we follow God's battle plan. But we must remain strong!!
But through everything, God's glory will shine brighter than anything that we do!!

Natalie Y Hill

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Justin said...

Hey hey! Yeah, busy like none other...but loving it! I was glad to hear from you. I am very excited for you and Stephen. He's a great guy and I know you two will be very happy!!

I sure do miss playing with you guys....hopefully we'll get the opportunity to again sometime....or you'll just have to come and sing for OUR college group...hmmm?

Well, talk to you later. Hope things are going great and good luck with all the moving and things that come with it!