Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's Not Mine

I have to tell you something.

I'm not saying that this happened to me, because it didn't!! This would never happen to me so I don't know why you are even thinking that! BECAUSE IT DIDN'T!!!

O.K...........there was this person and they were at a pool. They wrapped their towel around their phone and forgot about it. When they grabbed the towel to dry off, the phone slipped and fell into the pool with them. The sound of the water when the phone hit made my......umm, their heart stop. They grabbed it as fast as they could. And it worked fine when they first got it out. but now it's making funny noises, and the screen doesn't work! So my phone is blind again!!! I can still call people and get calls, I just can't see whos calling or who I'm calling.
I mean their phone........did I say mine?.....I meant THEIR phone. Because it wasn't mine! It was someone else's. I mean I wouldn't be that careless with my things. And besides my phone is not that important to me that I have to have it by my side every minute, so I wouldn't have brought it out to the pool anyways!! I know some people's phones are so important that they would actually take up a whole blog space just to write about it........BUT NOT ME!!! No sir! I wouldn't do that!! I have more important things to write about!!

Natalie Y Hill


Justin said...

Hey! Hey!! HEY!!!! What's wrong with being blind?!?! How dare you make a fool of the blind! Blind people can do everything sighted people can, except "see". Dang! This is so hurtful....

Ok,ok...I am just kidding.

Susie Moore said...

lol Justin! Very funny. And I am glad that you are not one of "those people", Natalie cause they sure dont sound cool enough! And we all know how cool enough you are!