Thursday, August 31, 2006

Boxes everywhere!

2 Days ago I wrote that the surveyor came early that morning but had left and hadn't come back yet. Well, he never did. It was a big deal! So they are not going to have it done today. And apparently this guy knew about this job 3 weeks ago but just now started working on it. So now it's not going to be done by tomorrow, which is the dead line on the contracts.
But they have extended the closing date! It will now be on the 5th of September. This is not good. This would not be that bad except that it's not just affecting us. It is also affecting us buying the Cottons house, and it's keeping them from buying the house that they want! And so it's affecting THOSE people!!

But the surveyor finally came out today. I think he finished measuring off everything. So now he just has to finish the paper work. But he will definitely be through by Tuesday.

This has been a very tiring process. i will be so glad when it's all over!!!

There are boxes EVERYWHERE!!!! We have most of the house packed up. I will also be glad when we can get these boxes out of the way!!

Natalie Y Hill

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brittany said...

hey nat nat!! it was good seeing ya on sunday!! hope all is you